The Catalan capital sets itself apart from other cities by its numerous unique cultural features. Proud and coastal, and always in competition with Madrid, it has developed its own linguistic differences, with some French influences. Between its fresh sea air and its hinterland, its unique combination of land and sea is evident in its culinary creations. Infused with art, design and history, its mild climate is, indeed, the ideal destination for those who want to escape the mid-season dreariness.



Restaurant & coffee shop

Open Google Maps and let yourself be guided through the streets of the Gothic Quarter. After a few intersections you will arrive at your destination: a highly unusual restaurant which is part of any sightseeing tour. Here, since the kitchen is open-plan, the young, tattooed chefs follow their instincts and break all the rules, not caring what anyone thinks. We associate it with great coffee, roasted house blends and Japanese dishes... and why not?


Concept store

An iconic boutique for those interested in up-and-coming labels, Boo has been supporting independent European designers for nine years now, by offering them exposure in Barcelona. Between the many deer, which have mostly come from the owner's own childhood collection and which give the shop that unique touch, you will find, among other things, limited series of Blue de Paname, Portugese Flannel and Norse Projects.



If Barcelona is so well-known for its tapas, then one of its variants, 'Montados', bite-sized portions of stacked ingredients, is much lesser known among the general public. Head to Poble Sec, to the timeless Quimet & Quimet, to discover them. Prepared within minutes right before your eyes, they are skillfully made by alternating condiments, fresh produce, and items from the family pantry. Savour them in two or three mouthfuls, in a décor unaffected by the passage of time, and where there is a stack of wine bottles to the ceiling which the boss will dip into on demand.


Local brand

If you suddenly feel the need to ride the waves then you should take a tour of Twothirds before taking the metro to Barceloneta Beach. This small Catalan brand offers a selection of hard-wearing clothing and accessories designed for surfing, or simply walks on the beach, made entirely out of recyclable and biodegradeable materials. Because when you feel the beauty and force of the natural elements so closely, you naturally want to protect them, too.


Coffee shop

There are coffees which you drink out of habit, and those which, at first sip, transport you to the unknown. Nømad, without doubt, is in the second category. In this backyard of the El Born quarter, they have made coffee-making a science. Marco, together with his sidekick, both of them energetic and high on caffeine, measure the degree of extraction with a pipette as it comes out of the machine, comparing and analysing the different variations of their excellent coffees, which are roasted inhouse, of course.


Home & lifestyle store

On certain streets in the Plaça Nova, a popular tourist destination, you can find a little boutique of wonders. It Reminds Me of Something sells only original hand-made creations by the region's up-and-coming designers. Rubén is the creator of this project, which he runs alongside his digital agency. It was into this shop where he wanted to put all of his passion for beautiful objects with exceptional designs and functions. He will share with you the story behind each and every object with warmth and passion.



The Plaça Commercial, recently restored and now completely pedestrianised, offers a rare view which you don't often find in the narrow streets of Born. It's at the corner of this place where you can find a restaurant full of originality: the Saboc. From 11 o'clock, the sun reveals itself and lights up the terrace and restaurant's large bay windows. This is when you know it's lunchtime. Dishes on the menu are split into categories according to your desired cooking tempurature; ranging from cold and raw dishes, to dishes straight from the fire and grill. Tapas have been reinvented with talent and creativity. They keep coming one after another, leading you to surprising new discoveries.